The infrastructure challenge for the current generation of municipal leaders is to balance a number of urgent and unprecedented needs, and Harris & Associates is committed to helping you meet those needs. 

Yes, today's projects demand gifted planners, financial specialists, engineers, and construction professionals. You also need trusted partners who have your back—start to finish—who understand your local community and will head-off problems before they develop. Working with Harris, you have a single partner with a resume of exceptional delivery across all facets of municipal projects.

Our team has a record of exceptional results in:   

Expect More from your Infrastructure

An increase in both population and extreme weather events calls for an increase in public infrastructure standards. Providing multiple benefits, promoting resource efficiency, managing operational costs, and mitigating disaster risk are the new normal for capital projects. From concept to cones up, Harris helps you leverage new and traditional approaches to meet your community’s expectations.

With so many moving parts throughout the construction of any municipal project, Harris understands that coordination is vital for staying efficient and meeting tight budgets and timeframes. We have the expertise to foresee potential issues and adjust accordingly—a necessity when you cannot disrupt public access during construction.

Building Stronger Communities

We are passionate about enhancing safety, sustainability, and quality of life where we live and work. It’s part of our shared values. We leverage our vast experience and local knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that work best for your community's circumstances. Because we are also active residents in the communities where we work, we shape solutions consistent with your history, culture, and vision for the future.

Given the significant impact of municipal projects—big or small—on communities, Harris maintains open lines of communication with the public to keep both residents and agency stakeholders involved in the project's success.


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