Mobility, safety, sustainability, economic growth, vitality—there's a lot riding on today’s transportation projects. Local and state transportation agencies rely on Harris & Associates to help them move both people and goods, sharpening their competitive edge.

At the intersection of growing communities and aging infrastructure, Harris & Associates helps clients find lasting, cost-effective solutions. We work on some of the nation's most ambitious transportation projects—including billion-dollar design-build interstate improvements and the California High-Speed Rail Project.

A Full Team of Experts under One Roof

Through Harris, you gain a complete team of designers, engineers, environmental scientists, and construction managers. Harris has deep resources and a long history of providing construction management services to public agencies utilizing the Caltrans Standard Plans and Specification, the GreenBook, the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and Caltrans Construction Manuals in order to complete transportation projects successfully. For Federally-funded projects, experience with Caltrans’ Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) is also key. Harris’ federal audit record is exemplary, and we will work to see that all documentation is complete and accurate and your agency's funding is protected.

Our comprehensive expertise helps you navigate and leverage key legislation, such as California’s SB1 bill, and expedite progress amid tight schedules and budgets. Beyond design and construction, Harris has extensive experience supporting the environmental compliance and documentation of transportation projects. Accurate and timely environmental compliance helps transportation agencies, large and small, head off problems before they are built, saving schedule and costs.

Building Community Consensus

Harris takes great care to address the unique concerns surrounding every project by opening lines of communication with all stakeholders. Throughout construction, we adjust our communications strategy as needed to maintain our clients' standing as community partners and exemplary stewards of taxpayer dollars.

For example, as construction manager for the award-winning Holman Highway 68 Roundabout Project, Harris partnered with the County of Monterey and Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) leaders to involve the public in every step of construction. These efforts helped transform initial skepticism into advocates for the area’s first highway-to-highway roundabout.

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