Bridge projects are often unavoidably disruptive. They require expert management of both construction activity and expectations. Harris & Associates helps clients rise above their technical and public challenges.

Our engineers and construction managers keep meticulous track of every moving part on high-stakes projects, including all types of bridges, new underpasses, rail projects, and grade separations. Close coordination with local agencies, utilities, state and federal authorities, and the public helps to keep bridge work on track—especially when it occurs over sensitive areas like rivers and live traffic flows.

Accountability at the Top

Count on Harris to take full ownership of our work and protect your best interests amid any number of challenges, including difficult geotechnical conditions, federal and regulatory agency restrictions, and adverse traffic scenarios.

With exceptionally qualified Resident Engineers and Structures Representatives on our teams, we bring critical technical expertise to key project roles. Among our many achievements, we have completed a bridge widening project in just 260 days despite high-voltage power lines above, an environmentally sensitive river below, and many commuters who needed to keep moving.

Strong Link to Caltrans

Harris has all the elements to quickly secure Caltrans acceptance. Our team includes former Caltrans employees, and our field teams have deep experience working in Caltrans right-of-way and coordinating with Oversight and Local Assistance. We also have in-depth knowledge of Caltrans delivery methods using the Caltrans Construction Manual, and we organize our project documents using the 63 categories used by Caltrans using Caltrans forms.

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Ehab Gerges, PE

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Vijay Desai, PE, QSD/P

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Brandon Hays, PE, QSD/P, PMP

Director / Program + Construction Management

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