Projects involving utilities require masterful oversight to minimize disruptions while meeting safety and service delivery goals. Harris & Associates applies decades of experience to keep these projects on track—and on budget—for city and county leaders.

Municipalities have long relied on the Harris team for seamlessly planning, coordinating, and managing utility program projects. Our comprehensive skills and services cover utility relocation design and construction oversight, coordination, electrical substation site design, and undergrounding transmission lines.

Going Underground

More communities are moving core utilities underground to improve service dependability, safety, and neighborhood aesthetics. Harris provides end-to-end services for planning, permitting, designing, and ultimately undergrounding utility systems. Our expertise in trenchless technology allows us to identify the least invasive methods of design and construction—minimizing disruptions and avoiding unnecessary digging.

Harris also helps clients find the funds for their undergrounding projects through Assessment Districts and utility company programs like PG&E Rule 20—which helps communities finance the conversion of traditional overhead electric utility lines to underground.

A Coordinated Approach  

Given the volume and variety of utility providers involved in a design or construction project, careful utility coordination can make the difference between early and late delivery. Harris has mastered both the art and science of coordination with power, water, gas, phone, cable, and others to keep projects on track. The key: partnering closely with city and county municipalities and service providers every step of the way.

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