Risk + Resilience

Modern communities face tremendous infrastructure challenges around replacing aging assets, addressing impacts of climate change, and preserving the affordability of city services for all citizens. Harris & Associates helps public agencies face those challenges head-on to build a more resilient future.

It’s not enough for communities to repair or replace central infrastructure. They must do so with a focus forward—building their infrastructure’s capacity to withstand one-time traumatic events and perpetual stresses, from flooding to overtaxed transportation systems. Harris works with agencies to deliver proven resilience and risk strategies—especially for those challenged by resource and capacity limitations.

A Holistic Approach to Complex Systems

How do you take the complexity that’s inherently part of all your interconnected systems and build more resilient infrastructure? Harris brings a tailored approach to help you manage risk and chart a streamlined path that accounts for societal and economic systems, regulations, and overwhelming volumes of data. The best planning policies and procedures are developed by those who have successfully implemented capital programs and can apply decades of lessons learned to today’s challenges. Harris has supported hundreds of capital project delivery projects over the past four decades, the vast majority of which have involved municipal infrastructure.

Leveraging Existing Plans and Studies

Harris can help you extract value from all your existing work to address risk and make your community more resilient. By evaluating key assumptions against the latest data, we create efficiencies and help you develop implementation strategies grounded in actionable items with ownership and accountability, key performance indicators, and a solid line between your strategic plans and budgets.

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Envision® Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

Harris & Associates is a proud charter member of the Envision® sustainable infrastructure rating system. This system provides a holistic framework for evaluating and rating the community, environmental, and economic benefits of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects.

Envision Charter Member



  • Hazard Mitigation Planning

    Hazard Mitigation Planning

    Harris helps municipalities develop hazard mitigation plans in accordance with Cal OES and FEMA standards to receive non-emergency disaster assistance. These long-term plans identify potential risks and vulnerabilities typically associated with natural disasters. Harris also helps prioritize and promote mitigation projects with the greatest potential to reduce loss of life and property.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

    Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

    Disaster recovery plans provide step-by-step how-to instructions for responding to and recovering from unplanned catastrophes. Harris helps agencies perform preliminary analyses to assess business impacts, risks, recovery time objectives, and more. The results of these studies inform the larger plan and strategies to minimize the impact of a disaster so the agency can quickly resume its most critical functions.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR)

    Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR)

    Harris empowers agencies to identify, assess, and reduce the risks associated with any number of unforeseen disasters. Our risk planning work includes solutions for minimizing existing vulnerabilities while also addressing underlying causes behind major events.

  • Sustainability and Climate Action Planning

    Sustainability and Climate Action Planning

    As agencies assume more responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Harris helps develop action plans targeting these goals. Our expert environmental planning and compliance services teams identify actions that will result in the greatest and most cost-effective emission reductions. We also take a comprehensive view to evaluate factors that may impact your ability to provide services—including sea level rise and storm surge hazards—and implement solutions that boost resilience.