City of Newport Beach Special District Finance Services

Since 2004, Harris has assisted the City of Newport Beach with the formation of Utility Undergrounding Assessment Districts through the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913.

Financed improvements include undergrounding overhead electrical, telephone, and cable television wires as well as equipment within local streets and alleys.

The undergrounding projects improve neighborhood aesthetics and, more importantly, reduce the hazards caused by downed power lines and falling trees, which have sparked fires in previous years. 

In total, Harris has helped implement and/or administer assessments for more than 6,000 parcels throughout Newport Beach.

Core Elements

For each assessment district, Harris’ services include:

  • Completing certification of the petition sufficiency
  • Preparing the Engineer’s Report and all required documentation
  • Preparing and mailing all notices (including assessment ballots after 1996)
  • Tabulating protests and ballots
  • Assisting with all property owner meetings and public hearings
  • Assisting with the preparation of bond documents after formation
  • Answering property owner questions
  • Preparing cash collection notices
  • Attending utility coordination meetings

Harris also remains on-call to help the City with customer service tasks, utility plan review, and construction administration.

Meet the Team

Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

Vice President / Municipal + District Finance


City of Newport Beach


Newport Beach, CA




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