Program Management for Collection Infrastructure Projects

Harris is currently delivering program, design, and engineering services as a program and design manager (PADM) for a 12- year collection system infrastructure project valued at a total of approximately $60 million. Harris also acts as a liaison with the Valley Sanitary District, cities, utilities, community programs, state, county, and other development-related entities. Our team partners with the District in building internal capabilities with industry best practices and systems, as well as knowledge transfer with the objective of building in-house expertise and knowledge.

To date, Harris has completed the district’s systemwide wastewater collection evaluation and prioritized and programmed the critical components for improvement. The program has one project in construction, two in design (one of which is for the improvement of a pump station) and another in the planning phase. As the PADM, Harris presented the project to the District Board, who approved the project in November 2018.

Core Elements

Due to the location of the existing infrastructure, this project required the team to access private property to locate the sewer laterals. This required coordination with the District’s Engineering Department and the collection systems supervisor. The Harris team utilized a flexible public outreach approach that accounted for different property owners’ preferences and schedules. As a result, we were able to access the remainder of the sewer laterals in question.

The scope includes:

  • Continuing with PADM efforts from Phase 1 to update program findings and recommendations
  • Reviewing new CCTV data provided by the District for pipes with QRS 3-5 to determine method of pipe rehabilitation
  • Preparing bidding package for video inspection for pipes identified in PADM Valley Sanitary District improvements summary costs
  • Identifying project packages for Phase 2
  • Preparing construction documents for projects included in Phase 2
  • Providing assistance during bidding and construction during Phase 2

Beyond the Blueprints

This is the District’s first time embarking on a sewer lateral line location project of this kind and as such Harris’ work will serve as a precedent for how the District will go about this process in the future.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Reyes, PE, PMP, QSD/QSP

Elizabeth Reyes, PE, PMP, QSD/QSP

Senior Project Manager / Engineering

Mark Nassar, PE

Mark Nassar, PE

Vice President / Program + Construction Management

Vern Phillips, PE

Vern Phillips, PE

Principal Engineer / Engineering

Ehab Gerges, PE

Ehab Gerges, PE

Chief Business Development Officer / Program + Construction Management Division President


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