238th Street SW Walkway and Drainage Improvements Project

Each year, the rainy season made 238th St. SW a treacherous route. The busy street flooded, pedestrians navigated insufficient sidewalks and children endured difficult paths to the Sherwood Elementary School whether they came by foot, bike, car or bus.

Needing to tackle its drainage and flooding issues in a comprehensive way, the seaside City of Edmonds, WA created plans for major improvements.  

For the walkway and drainage improvements project at 238th Street SW, the City hired Harris & Associates to provide field inspection and contract administration services. As the City’s eyes and ears, Harris gave continuous feedback on progress and quality, diving into vital details such as ADA requirements.

Core Elements

The $1.181 million improvement project included:

  • New sidewalk construction
  • Hot Mix Asphalt paving overlay
  • Cement concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks
  • Driveway approaches and curb ramps
  • Installation of stormwater lines and rain gardens

In addition to enhancing stormwater drainage collection and treatment, the project improved the safety of pedestrian and bicycle access to the nearby school. These upgrades removed the ongoing hazards and made the street a reliable route in any season.

Beyond the Blueprints

Public education played an integral role in securing buy-in, and it remains an important focus of Harris’ work to ensure maximum community benefit. Harris created various instructional components, including information boards about environmental benefits and bicycle safety education for students.

The materials are drawing attention—and the project is clearly having the desired effect on the neighborhood. Sam Yaghmaie, a Harris Director who lives near the area, witnessed the benefits firsthand.

Meet the Team

Sam Yaghmaie, PE, LEED AP

Sam Yaghmaie, PE, LEED AP

Senior Director / Program + Construction Management


City of Edmonds


Edmonds, WA




Construction Management

When I recently took my son to the swim and tennis club on 238th St. SW, I watched children safely walking along the new sidewalks and reading one of the boards about rain gardens. It was so wonderful to see the work translate into a better, safer environment.

- Sam Yaghmaie, PE, LEED AP, Director, Harris & Associates