Holly Drive Improvement Project

Ensuring Safety, Enhancing Beauty

For years, vehicles and pedestrians endured risks along San Diego’s narrow Holly Drive, punctuated by its lack of sidewalks and neglected curbs and gutters. The roadway, leading to the historic Lincoln High School, had degraded into an unsightly menace.

Harris was proud to join the team tasked with bringing Holly Drive up to date and up to code as part of the City of San Diego Capital Improvement Program. By securing strong support from area residents, Harris ensured the project finished on time and within budget—while reinvigorating the community’s image and pride in the process.

Core Elements

This $2,075,000 project included:

  • Retaining walls to minimize right of way acquisition

  • Changing the vertical curve profile

  • Coordinating with franchise utility agencies to relocate multiple utilities during construction

  • Maintaining access to two churches and a high school for residents

  • Installing compact stormwater treatment device

Safety improvements included:

  • Street widening and 7-foot wide sidewalks

  • Street lights

  • Speed humps

  • ADA-compliant entryways and crosswalks

  • Street trees

  • Enhanced fencing

Harris and the city actively communicated with residents every step of the way. Public meetings with the community and project stakeholders discussed proposed improvements and schedules. These efforts helped to inspire a sense of ownership and stewardship of the improvements, which also included effective, easily maintained traffic solutions.

Beyond the Blueprints

As with many projects, Holly Drive was not without environmental issues. A Water Quality Management Plan helped identified contaminants of concern: roadway runoff contaminated with petroleum products, heavy metals, brake dust, trash, sediment and debris. The installation of a compact stormwater treatment device was necessary.

After a selection process, Harris selected the jellyfish filtration system with customized features that facilitate maintenance access and remove pollutants before discharge to the municipal separate storm sewer system. Meanwhile, a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan provided protection of the stormwater system during construction.

Meet the Team

Ehab Gerges, PE

Ehab Gerges, PE

Chief Business Development Officer / Program + Construction Management Division President


City of San Diego


San Diego, CA


Public Works


Civil Design