Craig Siefert

Director / Engineering

Craig Siefert Craig Siefert

Municipalities across Southern California have reaped the benefits of Craig Siefert’s leadership for over 15 years. From Ontario to Menifee to Huntington Beach and points in between, Craig has led and supported various public works projects, including sewer, water, storm drain, grading, and roadway improvements.

Craig’s roadway engineering expertise spans all aspects of improvement and rehabilitation work, including pavement resurfacing, ADA compliance, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and driveway replacement. He’s proficient with CAD software and well versed in construction manuals and methodologies used in streets, storm drain pipes and structures, wastewater structures, and reinforced concrete structures.

Craig has also prepared, analyzed, and updated City Standards, development review processes, and plan checklists for many clients throughout the region. He has a deep understanding of the inner workings of city government, thanks to his experience working within the capacity of agency staff.