Program Management

Stewarding programs from concept through construction requires extraordinary leadership and highly specialized skills. Harris has the uncommon vision, agility, and experience to meet your unique program goals.

Successful programs demand a rigorous focus on managing risk, schedule, cost control, and quality. To manage risk and costs, we create realistic estimates when design starts and employ cost control techniques to identify potential impacts prior to bid. Having architects and engineers in-house makes all the difference. As work commences, we remain vigilant—viewing projects through your eyes. You benefit from strategies and solutions that mitigate risks while maximizing results. Accounting for every detail, we ensure processes run smoothly and that projects finish as and when they should.

In order to sustain a positive public perception of the program, we foster stakeholder alignment, institutionalized accountability, and a transparent reporting structure.

Succeeding Together

We earn the confidence of communities and contractors alike by building rapport and creating a team atmosphere focused on preventing pitfalls. Our commitment to communication also ensures everyone pulls in the same direction each step of the way. The bottom line: With Harris as your program manager, partners fulfill their commitments, you get what you pay for, and you don’t spend any more than what’s necessary.

Protecting Your Resources

By evaluating potential risks and roadblocks across your program, we can make informed decisions regarding cost and schedule contingencies. We use cost and risk analyses to realistically estimate and track budgets, milestones, and cash flow requirements. The quality of your program’s projects will benefit from Harris’ proactive approach and ability to make insightful recommendations if requirements change.

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Envision® Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

Harris & Associates is a proud charter member of the Envision® sustainable infrastructure rating system. This system provides a holistic framework for evaluating and rating the community, environmental, and economic benefits of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects.

Envision Charter Member



  • Project and Program Planning

    Project and Program Planning

    From the outset, our team meets with yours to reach consensus on the metrics of program success. Harris has a proven track record of accomplishing the scope of services within aggressive schedules. We work with our clients to create a master schedule, a master budget, project scheduling and prioritization, and an achievable implementation plan that establishes the road map for success.

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

    Proper financial reporting empowers decision-makers and provides necessary financial accountability and transparency, enhances operational effectiveness, and builds constituents' confidence in the program. Also, effective and transparent cost and budget reporting helps sustain program stakeholder endorsement.

  • Design Phase

    Design Phase

    Harris will partner with you and the designer to develop and deliver projects that fully address your goals, efficiently and economically. We will stretch your dollars further by streamlining work and reducing potential problems, delays, and claims through our proven review process. We ha]e a wealth of veteran experience in design consultant oversight, cost estimating, value engineering, biddability/constructability (and maintainability) review, and contractor pre-qualification services as part our full suite of construction management services.

  • Procurement Phase

    Procurement Phase

    Harris develops your procurement plan in collaboration with your staff and construction managers to help control costs before construction begins. We work with you to perform bid alternates and contractor outreach to attract the best contractors. We also ensure the general conditions are properly prepared, that your agency’s requirements are properly detailed, and that all bid forms and data are properly collected and documented in accordance with procurement requirements.

  • Construction Phase Oversight

    Construction Phase Oversight

    Harris has decades of award-winning, veteran construction oversight experience. We are problem solvers, administrators, risk managers, and quality control observers who represent your interests during the building process, offering a suite of construction management services.

  • Commissioning and Close-out

    Commissioning and Close-out

    The close-out phase of any project begins on day one. Harris establishes the required close-out documents up front and continually monitors the gathering and collection process. We verify that all punch list corrections are completed and all systems tested. We provide training on new equipment, receive all guarantees and warranties, and wrap up all contractual money issues. Harris concludes project recordkeeping and provides a clear paper trail for future review. We will set the stage for a smooth and efficient occupancy, and we have extensive experience with California Division of the State Architect (DSA) requirements, along with other authorities and regulatory agencies.