Concord, CA - HQ

Meet the Team in Concord, CA - HQ

Scott Alman, PE, QSD

Director / Engineering Services

Tracy Bradford

Practice Support Manager / Program + Construction Management

Rocco Colicchia

Project Manager / Engineering Services

Nathan M. Couch, PMP

Director / Marketing + Communications

Marianne Fargas, PMP

Director / Strategic Pursuits

Jules Feher

Senior Project Manager / Program + Construction Management

Lynne Filson, PE, TE, PLS

Senior Project Manager / Engineering Services

Karen Freeman, PMP

Senior Director / Finance

Brandon Hays, PE, QSD/P, PMP

Director / Program + Construction Management

Kourosh Iranpour, PE, QSD

Senior Project Manager / Engineering Services

Cesar Lara

Senior Project Manager / Pavement Preservation

Lisa Larrabee

Chief Executive Officer / President / Chair of the Board of Directors

Susan Mandilag

Risk Manager / Corporate Services

Michael McCormick, AICP

Division President / Strategic Advisory Services

Sindy Mikkelsen

Project Manager / Engineering Services

Vern Phillips, PE

Principal Engineer / Engineering Services

Vijay Pulijal, PE

Senior Project Manager / Engineering Services

Mario Rebholz, PE

Director / Construction Management

Glenn Suitor, PE

Division President / Program + Construction Management

Eric Vaughan

Director / Strategic Advisory Services

Keila Wolfe

Senior Director / Corporate Technology Services

Joe Yew

Senior Director / Public Finance