Honolulu Board of Water Supply, Peer Review of Financial Plan, Cost of Service Study, and Rate Development

Aligning Financial and Water Master Planning

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) faced a monumental task: developing a water master plan that would set the course for water system improvements for the next 30 years.

Critical to this effort was the development of a corresponding financial plan and rate study. Harris & Associates provided senior-level technical review of the BWS rate consultant’s work product, including the revenue requirements, cost of service and rate design analyses, water system facilities charges, and financial policy development.

Through this review, Harris confirmed for BWS staff that the financial planning and rate development process goals aligned with the master planning effort and the overall BWS goals. Harris drew on decades of experience with BWS and all of Hawai’i’s county water agencies to provide valuable insights into the concerns of ratepayers and other stakeholders. Harris also prepared BWS staff for important meetings and equipped them with the right questions to ask throughout the financial planning and rate-making effort.

Core Elements

Harris helped the Honolulu BWS chart a long-term course for its water system by leveraging expertise in water ratemaking, integrated planning, and stakeholder engagement.  

Beyond the Blueprints

Harris’s familiarity with stakeholder rate concerns helped BWS create engaging education materials that aided approval of their plans. 

Meet the Team

Ann Hajnosz, PE

Ann Hajnosz, PE

Vice President / Resource Management & Consulting Operations

Karyn Johnson

Karyn Johnson

Senior Consultant / Water Consulting

Christy Cooper

Christy Cooper

Senior Consultant / Water Consulting


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