City of San Diego Design of Storm Water Pump Station D Component Upgrade Project

Stormwater Pump Station D (“SWPS D”) is the second largest stormwater pump station in the City of San Diego and serves more than 500 acres covering the neighborhoods of Old Town, Midway District, and Mission Hills. SWPS D was constructed in the 1940s and has been serving the community for more than 80 years, but needs structural, mechanical, and electrical upgrades to support a planned increase in capacity. The facility’s current capacity is approximately 135,00 gallons per minute (gpm) and will be increased to 270,000 gpm to alleviate flooding in the surrounding areas during significant storm events. SWPS D pumps stormwater through an existing 66-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) outfall nearly 1,600 linear feet directly north and discharges into the San Diego River.

The project includes subsurface utility exploration, geotechnical investigations, topographic survey and basemapping, hydrology and hydraulics calculations, condition assessments, transient surge analysis, physical modeling (constructed stormwater pump station of 1/8th scale), SCADA and controls strategy, SDG&E power supply upgrades, acoustical analyses, aesthetics planning and neighborhood strategy, corrosion control, bypass planning, site security, and a comprehensive design of the new SWPS D facility on the existing property, including civil and mechanical improvements. Support services throughout design include traffic control planning, CEQA development and initial studies, community and public outreach, and permitting, including stakeholder coordination with Caltrans, MTS/NCTD, San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, SDG&E, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the Old Town Community.

Anticipated improvements and equipment upgrades for SWPS D include a new wet well, ten (10) pumps and motors, pump starters, two (2) low-flow diversion and nuisance flow pumps, SDG&E transformer, programmable logic controller (PLC), motor control center (MCC), permanent on-site generator, perimeter walls/fencing, pump station building, Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement surfacing, SCADA, security upgrades, and restroom facilities for operations and maintenance staff.

Harris’ team of engineers, partners, environmental specialists, and project management team was selected by the City of San Diego based on our specialized experience and technical competence, strength of key personnel, knowledge and understanding of doing business with the City of San Diego, and past performance and previous experiences with successfully delivering similar work.

“We've had the pleasure of working with Harris & Associates (H&A) on the La Jolla Country Club Pump Station and Reservoir project which is completed in 2024. H&A team was the Engineer of Record responsible for the completion of design plans and technical reports and performed all related construction support services during the construction phase.
I can confidently say that H&A’s leadership, responsiveness, and quality of service is refreshing. Their team has demonstrated a deep commitment to not just meeting but exceeding our expectations. Their proactive approach to problem-solving, combined with their unwavering dedication to timely and effective communication, has been instrumental in the success of our collaborations. It's rare to find a partner who genuinely acts as an extension of your own team, but that's exactly what H&A team has done for us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”
— Debbie Van Martin, PE
Sr. Civil Engineer
City of San Diego

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