Calhoun Lift Station Rehabilitation

Harris was selected to prepare the designs to rehabilitate the existing Calhoun Lift Station for Valley Sanitary District. The Project includes replacement of existing electrical infrastructure, a structural analysis of the existing on-site electrical building, replacement of the existing submersible mounted pump rails, and replacement of the existing above-ground discharge piping. The proposed design would also include removal and replacement of the existing wet well coating.

Core Elements

The Calhoun Lift Station Rehabilitation includes:

  • Replacement of electrical infrastructure
  • Structural analysis of the existing on-site electrical building
  • Replacement of the existing pump rails
  • Replacement of the existing discharge piping
  • Removal and replacement of the existing wet well coating

Beyond the Blueprints

The existing lift station maintains sewer flow conveyance for the surrounding areas; therefore, when re-coating the wet well it will be necessary to bypass all sewer flows. The Harris team is developing a bypass plan that will allow the contractor to bypass sewer flows around the lift station while work is completed within the existing structure. This will mitigate potential issues during construction and prevent service outages for local residents and other users.

Meet the Team

Vern Phillips, PE

Vern Phillips, PE

Principal Engineer / Engineering

Ehab Gerges, PE

Ehab Gerges, PE

Chief Business Development Officer / Program + Construction Management Division President


Valley Sanitary District


Indio, CA




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