Otay Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Phases I and II

Setting new standards in drinking water

Citizens of Otay, California, now enjoy increased confidence when they turn on the tap. That’s because Harris worked hard to help upgrade their water-treatment plant to meet the latest quality standards.

The regulations (part of the amended Safe Drinking Water Act) meant new, stringent requirements—which necessitated numerous plant improvements, implemented over two phases. Harris oversaw each phase, including:

  • Construction contract administration
  • Construction inspection
  • Construction quality assurance/quality control
  • Document control
  • Project safety
  • Cost estimating
  • Claims mitigation
  • Environmental mitigation monitoring and reporting
  • Startup and testing support
  • Contract closeout

Core Elements

Phase 1 of this $23 million project included construction of:

  • An all-new flocculation/sedimentation basin, including a new retaining wall
  • On-site landscaping and revegetation
  • Sludge-discharge piping
  • Granular activated-carbon filtration media
  • Upgrades and repairs to the existing filters

Phase II involved construction of:

  • A chlorine dioxide (CIO2) shaft contactor
  • CIO2 generation system
  • Sodium chlorite tank, ferrous chloride tanks and feed system
  • Powder-activated carbon facilities
  • Yard piping
  • Electrical support facilities
  • Instrumentation and control systems

Meet the Team

Ehab Gerges, PE

Ehab Gerges, PE

Chief Business Development Officer / Program + Construction Management Division President

Tracy Bradford

Tracy Bradford

Practice Support Manager / Program + Construction Management


Otay Water District, City of San Diego


San Diego, CA




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