Regional Water Quality Project Cucamonga Creek Watershed (Mill Creek Wetlands)

Reshaping the Land to Ensure Quality Water

Managing the natural topography to better steward a regional watershed is a complex undertaking that touches many communities and involves several jurisdictions. Harris is putting its experience and expertise at the forefront of this project, providing construction inspection services to make sure all goes according to plan—and that this community enjoys quality water.

This $7 million project entails physically reshaping the existing topography to create interconnected earthen retention basins and a drainage diversion channel inlet.

This reshaping requires a comprehensive effort. As a result, Harris team members are mass grading approximately 745,000 cubic yards of cut and export, constructing underground and surface storm drain structures, managing traffic control, employing site safety measures, performing utility potholing and developing temporary protection of existing structures and utilities.

Core Elements

When completed, work on the watershed will involve:

  • Construction staking and dust control
  • Structural concrete for spillways, ramps, channel slopes, v-ditch, manholes, outlet structures and diversion structures
  • Storm drain pipeline (RCP), pre-cast box culvert (RCB) and pipe collars
  • Rock backfill, bedding material, slurry backfill, riprap rock and gabion basket systems

Beyond the Blueprints

Because our work affects people and the environment beyond the jobsite, we stretch our services across common boundaries. Besides protecting vegetation within the work area and the health of the adjacent Mill Creek, Harris is coordinating with multiple agencies and managing the communication critical to improving the Cucamonga Creek Watershed.

We are guiding collaboration and navigating the needs of several stakeholders, including the City of Ontario, nearby Chino, contractors, the San Bernardino Flood Control District and the Army Corps of Engineers.


City of Ontario


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Construction Management