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The Ingredients of a Winning Workplace Culture

A Culture of Putting People First

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May 24, 2022

Year after year, Harris earns Top Workplaces designations from news outlets across California. What makes Harris such a consistent honoree? We attribute our recognitions to a friendly and rewarding culture that puts people first, a strong community where employees trust and care for one another, work on thought-provoking projects, and a dedication to innovating for our clients.

All of this is made possible by a teamwide commitment to our Shared Values. These values reflect our collective character and guide us in creating an environment where people can thrive.

Develop and Exhibit Trust Shared Value

For example, with Develop and Exhibit Trust, we remain true to our word, take thoughtful risks, and cultivate a culture where people are mindful of others’ needs. “This value guides how we relate to our clients,” said Chief Business Development Officer Ehab Gerges. “Honoring our commitments is the cornerstone of how we establish trusted advisor relationships.”

Chief Executive Officer Steve Winchester emphasized the importance of this value: “It underpins and enables all our other Shared Values. Trust is fundamental to all successful relationships. It’s the key that unlocks the door to being a high-performing organization.”

Invest in Our People Shared Value

Our value to Invest in Our People means that we encourage and enable personal and professional growth. “This value resonated with me because I participated in our Mentoring Program and I’ve experienced the many growth and development opportunities that Harris provides,” said Graphic Designer Joseph Ramot. Environmental Analyst Katie Laybourn adds that this value has been “put into action by supporting internal and external training and providing flexibility, balance, and understanding when it comes to how we work.”

Work Smarter, Together Shared Value

Work Smarter, Together enables Harris to build a strong and diverse culture. “Together, we divvy up work, improve with each iteration, and learn from one another,” said Technical Editor Lindsey Messner. “We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, so there’s always someone who has a different—and maybe even better—approach or way of thinking. This helps us develop unique ways to meet our clients’ needs.”

As an employee-owned company, Harris embraces this value to act in the interests of the greater good. “We come together as employee-owners so that people can play to their strengths,” said Chief Operating Officer Michelle White. “If you see a strength in someone, maybe they haven’t realized it yet. Show them the way. Give them an opportunity that they may not have envisioned for themselves.”

Learn more about our Shared Values and our latest Top Workplaces designation.


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