City of Santa Clarita Special District Finance Services

Managing Dollars and Developers Across Districts

Harris has worn several hats in serving the City of Santa Clarita—most notably those of Special Tax Consultant and District Engineer. In these roles, Harris has assisted the City with the annexation of existing street lighting districts and the establishment of new districts and zones.

Most recently Harris served as the City ‘s Special Tax Consultant for the formation of the Vista Canyon CFD. This district includes the commercial properties within the Vista Canyon project and will contribute funds allocate 15% of the net construction proceeds of the CFD bonds to the construction of the Transit Station. During the formation process, Harris worked as part of the City team to coordinate the activities of major stakeholders, including City staff, bond counsel, financial advisors, underwriters, developers, and developers’ consultants.

Harris has also helped prepare and record the Notice of Special Tax and attended City Council meetings as required for district establishments. Following construction, Harris provides facilities reimbursement/acquisition audit services.

In addition, Harris served as the District Engineer for the adoption of a Sewer Standby Charge for parcels within the Vista Canyon development to provide a dedicated source of funds for the construction of the wastewater facility that will the new Vista Canyon development which will include approximately 1,100 apartments, townhomes and single‐family residences as well as approximately 1 million square feet of retail, office, hotel, dining services and entertainment space. Treated effluent will be sold to the Castaic Lake Water Authority (CLWA) to help reduce the costs to property owners and help provide a sustainable water supply for the region.

Core Elements

Harris’ services for annexations and new district creation for the City of Santa Clarita include:

  • Preparing and recording boundary maps
  • Serving as special tax consultant
  • Preparing and reviewing the rate and method of apportionment
  • Reviewing facilities to be funded
  • Compiling cost estimates and lists of property owners
  • Reviewing bond documents
  • Development of Sewer Standby Charge
  • Wastewater Rate Study

Meet the Team

Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

Vice President / Municipal + District Finance

Rick Clark

Rick Clark

Senior Project Manager / Municipal + District Finance


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