City of Huntington Beach Oak View Streetscape Improvements

Harris was chosen to spearhead civil engineering, streetscape design, and community outreach initiatives for the City of Huntington Beach's Oak View Streetscape neighborhood enhancement project. This eagerly anticipated initiative promises to breathe new life into the Oak View neighborhood, enhancing safety and walkability for residents while fostering a strong sense of community.

Core Elements

With a $5 million allocation from the Clean CA Local Grant program, the project is poised to introduce a host of enhancements to Oak View's streetscape. From bulb outs and curb ramp upgrades to sidewalk paving and street lighting, each element is carefully curated to prioritize pedestrian safety and mobility. Continental crosswalks and new traffic striping will streamline traffic flow, while artistic neighborhood signage will infuse the area with vibrant character.

In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, the project incorporates innovative stormwater infrastructure and water quality enhancements. Planted bio-swales and new landscaping will not only beautify the neighborhood but also promote biodiversity and ecological resilience. The introduction of 100 new trees will provide natural shade and contribute to the area's visual appeal, creating a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

Beyond the Blueprints

At Harris, our commitment extends beyond blueprints and construction. We are dedicated to creating enduring legacies that enrich the lives of those we serve. Through the Oak View Streetscape project, we aim to transform Oak View into a safer, more vibrant, and more inclusive community. Together, we are building a brighter future for Oak View—one step, one street at a time.

“Through this project, Harris will make Oak View a more pleasant place to walk, a more beautiful place to live, and a safer place to drive,” said Elizabeth Reyes, PE, QSD/QSP, PMP. “Residents will feel pride in and a sense of ownership for their neighborhood.”

Renderings developed by Studio One Eleven


Meet the Team

Frank S. Lopez, PE, QSD

Frank S. Lopez, PE, QSD

Vice President / Engineering

Elizabeth Reyes, PE, PMP, QSD/QSP

Elizabeth Reyes, PE, PMP, QSD/QSP

Senior Project Manager / Engineering

Randall G. Berry, PE

Randall G. Berry, PE

Principal Engineer / Engineering


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