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Recent Court Rulings Related to Proposition 218 Assessment Analyses

There were six court rulings between 2008 and 2011 that are important to consider in the formation of new or increased benefit assessments. The rulings below are summarized in this whitepaper:

  1. Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association vs. Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
    Supreme Court ruling dated July 14, 2008

  2. Robert Dahms vs. Downtown Pomona Property
    Appellate Court ruling dated May 12, 2009

  3. Town of Tiburon vs. Jimmie D. Bonander
    Appellate Court ruling dated December 31, 2009

  4. Steven Beutz vs. County of Riverside
    Appellate Court ruling dated May 26, 2010

  5. Concerned Citizens vs. West Point Fire Protection District
    Appellate Court ruling dated August 5, 2011

  6. Golden Hill Neighborhood Association, Inc. vs. City of San Diego
    Appellate Court ruling dated September 22, 2011

Download this important whitepaper from Harris' special district finance team to learn more about these Prop 218 rulings.


Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

Vice President / Municipal + District Finance



Alison Bouley, PE




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