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Are Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) a Solution to Your Agency’s Infrastructure and Economic Development Challenges?

What You Should know About EIFDs

With the dissolution of RDAs (redevelopment agencies), local governments are challenged with finding alternative methods to finance infrastructure projects. But there may be a new, innovative solution for agencies, what some are calling “Redevelopment 2.0.”

In this paper, you'll find all you need to know about EIFDs—what an EIFD is, who can form one, what you need to form one, as well as information about the financing and governing of EIFDs. You'll be able to determine if EIFDs are a solution to your agencies infrastructure and economic development challenges.


Dennis Klingelhofer, PE

Dennis Klingelhofer, PE

Vice President / Municipal Funding + Special District Finance



Dennis Klingelhofer, PE




Special District Finance