North Natomas Mixed-Use Master Planned Community

Spanning more than 9,000 acres, the mixed-use master planned community of North Natomas consists of single- and multi-family homes, commercial and employment centers, parks, and more. Since 2006, Harris’ municipal finance experts have helped the City of Sacramento generate funds for public improvements in the North Natomas Development Area.

Specifically, Harris has negotiated with the development community on funded North Natomas projects to ensure they included the necessary amenities in the fee program. These amenities include transportation, police, fire, and library facilities, as well as parks and bike trails for community use. In addition, Harris has recommended reimbursement to developers totaling $47.3 million in public infrastructure funded through multiple Community Facilities Districts and fee programs. Reimbursement requests for the North Natomas Development Area have spanned a wide variety of public infrastructure, including roadways, signals, bridges, utilities, parks, and bikeways.

Core Elements

Harris provides a variety of services to the City, including:

  • Reviewing reimbursement requests, contracts, change orders, invoices, and proofs of payment submitted by the developer
  • Allocating costs between public and private facilities
  • Recommending reimbursement amounts and completing Acquisition Audit reports
  • Collaborating with the City, development community, and consultant team
  • Updating project costs covered under the impact fee program
  • Conducting field reviews of completed projects to determine the cost of remaining eligible facilities

Beyond the Blueprints

The North Natomas area will provide over 23,000 single family units, 11,000 multi-family units, 618 acres of retail commercial space, 800 hotel rooms, and 649 acres of employment centers, office and light industrial land use at build-out. The North Natomas community plan concept was to build a town center as the focal point of the community with self-sufficient neighborhoods surrounding the town center and employment center to encourage homes close to work.

Meet the Team

Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

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