Mission Bay & Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Acquisition Audits

Keeping redevelopment reimbursements on track

San Francisco residents are witnessing the rebirth of two neglected areas of town. Hunters Point, a contaminated and abandoned Navy shipyard, is being reinvented with homes and apartments, shopping areas, office and manufacturing buildings, and hundreds of acres of open space. Mission Bay will ultimately accommodate 6,000 residential units, a hotel, pedestrian-friendly retail, office and biotech lab space, a 57-acre UCSF biotech campus and a 550-bed hospital.

Harris has assisted the City of San Francisco in the acquisition of completed public improvements, which are constructed by the developer, in both redevelopment areas since 2002. As the developer submits reimbursement requests, Harris audits the documents and provides a detailed review of contracts, change orders, invoices and proofs of payment.

At Mission Bay, Harris has approved the reimbursement/acquisition of more than $225 million in public infrastructure. Reimbursement requests have included roadways, wet and dry utilities, and parks, as well as costs for design, environmental mitigation and freeway demolition.

At Hunters Point Shipyard, Harris has reviewed and approved more than $19.6 million in reimbursement requests for a similar variety of infrastructure.

Core Elements

  • Review of developer reimbursement request for eligible facilities
  • Detailed review of contracts, change orders, invoices and proofs of payment submitted by the developer
  • Allocation of costs between public and private facilities
  • After the audit is complete, an amount is recommended for the City to pay the developer for the public facility

Beyond the Blueprints

Looking out for the interests of the client and major stakeholders, Harris developed a project priority tracking list to efficiently monitor all outstanding reimbursement requests. All parties have used the list to monitor the status of outstanding items and prioritize the processing of payment requests for facility acquisitions.

Meet the Team

Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

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