City of Redondo Beach Esplanade Streetscape Project

Enhancing safety and scenery around beloved beach access

Much more than an ordinary street, the Esplanade in Redondo Beach has provided a vital gateway to a popular beach—and a prestigious address for million-dollar coastal homes. Harris & Associates helped to elevate the Esplanade’s stature further for residents and tourists alike. It’s now easier and safer than ever to travel by foot, car or bicycle. It’s visually more inviting, and it does a much better job of protecting pristine Pacific waters.

Specifically, Harris & Associates provided project management and civil engineering services for the City of Redondo Beach Esplanade Streetscape Project. We led an expert team of traffic engineers and landscape architects in revitalizing a 5,000-foot section of this coastal roadway from Knob Hill Avenue to Vista Del Mar. Our work included:

  • A full topographic survey
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Traffic Engineering Study
  • Landscape and Hardscape Enhancements
  • Environmental clearances
  • Preparation of photo simulations
  • Preparation of plans, specifications and estimates
  • Conducting Community outreach meetings and Public Works Commission meetings

Harris also helped the city secure a Flood Encroachment Permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. This was essential, since the project’s proposed storm drain would connect directly to the county’s storm drain system.

Core Elements

The $2.3 million project included:

  • Traffic safety enhancements via installation of "bulb-out" sidewalk landings for improved pedestrian accessibility, and visibility between pedestrians and vehicles and signing and striping modifications, including wider stripe-painted bike lanes with increased clearance from the open doors of parked cars
  • Widening the sidewalk along the coastal bluff to better accommodate the crowds of runners, pedestrians, moms with baby strollers, dog walkers, tourists posing for photos and those simply enjoying the ocean view
  • Adding enhanced ocean overlook platforms with artistic "seat walls" and street furniture
  • Creating enhanced drought-tolerant landscaping along the top of the coastal bluff
  • Landscape and irrigation improvements within the County Triangle
  • Rehabilitating / resurfacing the AC pavement
  • Improving curb ramps to ADA compliance at all pedestrian crossings
  • Installing streetlight conduits and pull boxes for a future streetlight upgrade

The new sidewalk isn’t just broader, it’s more appealing—with large decorative brick pavers that complement the design.

Beyond the Blueprints

Water protection was paramount in this project. Due to roadway re-profiling and the bulb-out planter construction, we made significant modifications and extensions to four different storm drain systems along the Esplanade, including the installation of wholly new drainage inlets.

Harris helped Redondo Beach protect its namesake resource, with water quality enhancements such as catch basin filter inserts. This was crucial, since the runoff leads directly to the Pacific below the bluffs. Now the ocean—and the future—are better protected.

Meet the Team

Randall G. Berry, PE

Randall G. Berry, PE

Principal Engineer / Engineering


City of Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach, CA


Public Works


Civil Design