City of Rancho Cordova Special District Finance Services

Laying the foundation for growth and improvement

The City of Rancho Cordova established a Community Facilities District (CFD) for improvements that include ongoing street maintenance, street lighting, and landscaping in the developing areas of the City. The CFD will incorporate over 20,000 future residential, non-residential, and mix-use parcels.

Harris served as the special tax consultant for the formation of the CFD, maintaining close coordination with City staff, the developer, and the developer’s consultant.

Core Elements

Harris’ services for the CFD formation included:

  • Developing the tax structure
  • Determining the tax rate and method of apportionment
  • Preparing the boundary map and CFD report

Meet the Team

Alison Bouley, PE

Alison Bouley, PE

Vice President / Municipal + District Finance


City of Rancho Cordova


Rancho Cordova, CA


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