City of Oxnard Action and Implementation Plan and Development Impact Fee Studies

Community Development and Housing Solutions

The City of Oxnard engaged the Harris Community Development + Housing team for help on two priority projects.

For the City’s Development Impact Fee Program, Harris conducted a review to determine each program’s status. We recommended a plan and a schedule for a comprehensive update to the City’s fee program. We then prepared impact fee updates for:

  • Traffic
  • Mobility
  • Storm drainage
  • Park development
  • Quimby in-lieu
  • Public safety
  • Public buildings
  • Utility undergrounding
  • Affordable housing
  • Art in public places

We also prepared the City’s annual AB1600 report. Moving forward, we will help the City develop a parking in-lieu fee for their downtown area.

For the City’s Inclusionary Housing work, Harris helped to prepare a nexus study and update the City’s inclusionary housing in-lieu fee requirements. This update included:

  • Analyzing the demand for affordable housing resulting from the development of market rate housing
  • Analyzing the cost of developing housing units
  • Examining the maximum housing costs for very low-, low-, and moderate-income households
  • Calculating the gap between costs and revenues
  • Surveying in-lieu fees in neighboring jurisdictions

We developed several options for fee structures, annual escalators, and phasing in the fees over time. We also updated the City’s Ordinance. Harris directors presented the study to community stakeholders, City Council sub-committees, and to the Council, and the program was adopted in May 2020.

Meet the Team

Hitta Mosesman

Hitta Mosesman

Vice President / Community Development + Housing


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