City of Irvine 6th Cycle Housing Element, Amended Affordable Housing Strategy, and Implementation Plan

Harris & Associates is currently leading the preparation of the 6th Cycle Housing Element. The City of Irvine’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) is over 23,000 units which requires creativity and complex analysis related to the redevelopment of commercial uses to residential to meet these requirements. Per State law, densities for affordable housing sites must adhere to requirements and the location of affordable units must be dispersed throughout the City in accordance with fair housing requirements. Hitta Mosesman, Harris’ lead on the project, has also provided on-call housing services to the City of Irvine for multiple years while with a different firm. These services included:

  • Preparation of an Amended Affordable Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan (a component of the Housing Element).
  • Preparation of the Annual Progress Report on the Housing Element.
  • Creating a first of its kind automated and streamlined housing compliance monitoring database for over 80 affordable housing projects within the City. Data points included affordability/income requirements, applicable rents, covenant and developer agreement terms, number of units, income information (residents) and compliance determination for each project.
  • Managing and directing a citywide property and building conditions assessment of every housing unit in the City built after 1980 (as an update to the survey completed for the 2011 Housing Element). Providing results of the assessment that measured various building and property conditions and recommendations for low-cost methods to ensure housing stock maintenance in report format.

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Hitta Mosesman

Hitta Mosesman

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