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Celebrating Women at Harris Who Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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March 26, 2024

As we celebrate Women's History Month this March, we honor the profound impact women have made and continue to make in shaping our country, our communities, our industry, and our company.

This year's national theme, "Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion," resonates deeply with our Shared Values at Harris & Associates. It emphasizes the vital need to embrace differences, promote equal access and opportunity, and create a sense of belonging that empowers everyone to reach their highest potential.

This representation at the highest levels demonstrates the transformative power of diverse perspectives. It's this diversity – of ideas, viewpoints, and backgrounds – that fuels our ability to deliver innovative solutions for our clients and fosters a rewarding environment for our employee-owners.

We recognize the profound influence women have on Harris’ organization and culture.

That's why we're proud to highlight their voices during this Women's History Month, as they reflect on the importance of belonging and advancing DEI in the workplace. Through their leadership, resilience, and invaluable contributions, they drive progress toward a more inclusive future—where every voice is heard and valued.

Angelica Lopez, Environmental Auditor, California High Speed Rail Team

Angelica sees the value in having and being a supportive teammate capable of setting the tone for a thriving workplace and an inclusive culture.

“To me, advancing DEI means encouraging everyone's voice to be heard and ensuring that everyone who works hard has the same opportunity for advancement within Harris,” she said.

Rosay Garcia, Employee Services Administrator

According to Holly Blackwell, Supervisor of Employee Services at Harris, Rosay is the “glue” that holds together Harris’ Northern California offices. Holly said, “She cares about everyone here and is ready to step in and help however she can.”

Rosay works to cultivate a warm, inclusive atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and enjoyment among her colleagues. “I firmly believe in the enriching influence of diverse perspectives and talents, which significantly contribute to innovation and organizational development,” Rosay explained.

“Through working at Harris, I realize how important it is to acknowledge different cultures, not only to expand everyone’s knowledge on a subject, but also to create a sense of belonging for all.”

Taylor Fagan, Engineer III

Taylor currently co-leads Harris’ Rising Engineering Professionals program, which helps expose junior engineers to disciplines they may not work in every day.

In her leadership role, Taylor “sets an example for other young engineers, particularly women and people of color,” said Fidel Salamanca, Project Manager II, Engineering at Harris. “Her skills, professionalism, and desire to learn make her an excellent role model for our junior staff.”

“To me, moving DEI forward means actively making the choice every day to create a welcoming environment where people from all walks of life feel safe and acknowledged in their work,” Taylor said.

“By doing so, we can leverage the different experiences and backgrounds of our peers to develop more creative solutions to our clients’ problems.”

Diana Sheng, Deputy Project Manager, Municipal + District Finance

Diana’s dedication and involvement have contributed significantly to the success of Harris’ Municipal + District Finance team, according to the team’s Director, Megan Quinn.

“Diana actively promotes DEI by treating all employees with respect, listening to everyone’s ideas, valuing all contributions made, living Harris’ shared values, and being an example to others,” said Megan.

“In more than 15 years at Harris, I’ve seen the company culture change in so many positive ways,” Diana said.

“The focus on DEI sets us apart. For me personally, I strive to exemplify our shared values through my work and my interactions with colleagues and clients. I also want to continue learning about and celebrating the diversity around me.”

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