Mountain House On-call Construction Management and Inspection for New Infrastructure

A mastery of details keeps costs, deadlines and partners in check

Creating a vibrant, exhilarating community requires more than vision—it demands constant attention to maintenance and construction to preserve a superior quality of life. For 15 years, the Mountain House Community Services District has trusted Harris & Associates to coordinate with developers, contractors and utility companies for construction management and inspection, often with very short notice.

The District asked the Harris team to become roadway staff and structures staff, take on administrative roles, and fill other gaps through staff augmentation. Harris experts create detailed activity reports and monitor the project schedules of multiple developers. The result? Peace of mind for residents of the District, a $400 million family-friendly planned community.

Core Elements

By using an up-to-date project budget model, Harris has consistently come in on or under budget for construction management and inspection fees. Harris also has a proven ability to meet deadlines and project milestones on its assignments, such as:

  • 30 miles of roadways
  • 100,000 LF of storm drains
  • Four parks, seven bridges and a fire station
  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk and median construction
  • Traffic signals, street lights and joint-utility trench infrastructure
  • Above-ground pedestrian portals which “celebrate the entrances” to the various neighborhoods in Mountain House
  • Trails, pedestrian paths and Class II bicycle lanes
  • Channel and drainage construction
  • Flood control/detention facilities/spillways
  • Mountain House Creek restoration and improvements.
  • Infrastructure (sewer, storm drain, water and joint trench) for the Administration Building

Beyond the Blueprints

One of the biggest challenges Harris has faced is the simultaneous coordination of field inspection services for so many types of construction (such as storm drain, concrete, asphalt paving and utility work). These inspections frequently occur in many locations at once. The Harris inspection team makes a point of being proactive and accessible, visiting different work locations daily. This flexible approach reduces costs and helps keep contractors on schedule, giving long-term value to the District.


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