Moraga On-call Pavement Repair and Construction Administration

Repairing Critical Infrastructure and Restoring Public Confidence

There’s always pressure to get the job done right when improving streets, utilities and critical infrastructure that affects the everyday lives of residents. For Harris, the intensity is magnified in the Town of Moraga, where a previous contractor’s rehabilitation efforts proved unsuccessful.

Under higher-than-normal public scrutiny from an involved community, Harris is providing on-call construction management and inspection services for streets, storm drains, parks, streetlights, signals, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and utility relocation/undergrounding, among other improvements.

This on-call assistance also supports an aggressive pavement management program to rehabilitate several residential streets. Given the engagement and sensitivities of the community, Harris continues to be vigilant and thorough about public outreach.

Core Elements

Funded in part by a special Measure K bond effort, the project involves repairs to a variety of streets throughout the Town, primarily in residential areas. Methods include:

  • Full depth AC repair
  • Micro-surface
  • Cape seal
  • Traffic striping

Moraga’s natural landscape means limited traffic access points to the residential developments. Through careful planning and scheduling for construction operators, Harris helps to ensure streets and subdivisions remain accessible to emergency vehicles during work periods.

Beyond the Blueprints

The people of Moraga want necessary improvements with maximum transparency and minimal disruptions to their daily lives. The Harris team works extensively with a local public-led volunteer group to disseminate vital project information, such as:

  • Video of the construction process
  • Frequent updates to the Town website and Facebook page
  • Live demonstrations open to the public


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