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Black Lives Matter: We Must Change Now

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June 11, 2020

The current protests and elevated concerns around the treatment of black people in America have created an awakening for many and validation for others. For many of us, we want to take actions, solve the problem, feel a sense of guilt, confront things head on...and perhaps others are angry and don’t know what to do.

Where do we begin? We must reach deep into our hearts and minds about how our biases have contributed to the world stage and take ownership and accountability on some measure. This is where the work really starts: with an examination of our own values and behaviors.

Where to go next. Be okay not being okay and to be uncomfortable. We can listen, empathize and learn from others. We can acknowledge the impact of centuries of discriminatory behaviors and racism on the reality of today. And, we can work together for change

For me, I am listening to the Black Lives Matter movement and many other thought leaders of color for my education in terms of books to read, approaches to conversations, and places to support financially. 

Harris is having rich conversations about how people are feeling about the civil unrest, race, bias, economic iniquity, institutional racism and what diversity and inclusion really means. As a firm, we will do a much better job at supporting education, empathy towards one another, and diversity in STEM and other related fields. 

One of our shared values is Building Stronger Communities. Putting this into action, we will be financially supporting programs that enable our communities to evolve for the reasons of valuing diversity and behaving inclusively for the BIPOC. We will promote outreach to community leaders, policy makers, and other city, county, and state officials to promote change in society at large.

We will do more. We will work for change.



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