Emily Mastrelli

Project Manager / Environmental Planning + Compliance

Emily Mastrelli Emily Mastrelli

Throughout her career as a wildlife biologist, Emily has demonstrated a deep commitment to the preservation and conservation of threatened and endangered species. Emily has spent the last 10+ years honing her craft and earning multiple permits through the United States Geological Survey (USGS), United States Fish and Wildlife Services, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Her work has included efforts to protect a variety of federal and state-listed genuses, such as the Mojave desert tortoise, California least tern, California gnatcatchers, and San Diego fairy shrimp. Emily has even hiked several hundred kilometers across California and Nevada conducting line distance sampling for tortoises to provide a better understanding of their survival rates and current occupation!

Emily’s career track aligns with her longstanding interest in avian ecology. She is a USGS Bird Banding Lab Permitted Master Bird Bander and has logged over 1,000 hours of California gnatcatcher surveys including mist netting, banding and re-sighting individuals, making her a specialist on their territories, breeding habitat, and species survival and success needs. She has also spent time working with California least tern and western snowy plovers finding nests, marking eggs, and banding chicks.

At Harris, Emily has applied her unique expertise to conduct general and focused biological surveys in diverse habitats. She has helped monitor and ensure environmental compliance for solar, overhead power utility, pipeline, and commercial development construction projects.

As a senior in her field, Emily mentors several junior and burgeoning biologists. Her resume details a long history of direct work with species, including threatened, endangered, and species of special concern for projects that have great social, economic, and environmental impact.

Why Harris?

Harris has a dedication to its colleagues/employee owners and its clients at a level that I haven’t really seen before. The communication, effort, care and quality is really quite wonderful. I feel appreciated and a part of a team that always supports me because the ultimate winner in all of this is the client, which is the most important thing.

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Western Bird Banding Association

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Bird Banding Lab Master Federal Bird Banding Permit
Endangered Species Recovery Permit 10(a)1(A)
Scientific Collecting Permit




Environmental Permitting + Compliance