The City of Victorville Selects Harris & Associates for General Plan Update and Environmental Assessment

Irvine, CA – 

The City of Victorville, home to more than 125,000 people and a major commercial hub for the greater Victor Valley, selected Harris & Associates to lead a team to support the City’s General Plan Update and Environmental Assessment.

Hitta Mosesman, Vice President of Community Development and Housing and Principal-in-Charge on the project, has a relationship with the City that spans more than 20 years and includes the Housing Element Update, work on redevelopment plan adoption/amendments, real estate analysis, financial reporting, and planning analysis. Hitta’s team also assists the City with affordable housing analysis, successor agency services, and is working to form the first Community Revitalization and Investment Area in the State.

Harris will advise the City in its General Plan Update, managing all elements related to housing and land use, as well as a new required element: environmental justice and safety. The team will also prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report and ensure the General Plan Update complies with the California Environmental Quality Act.

Harris’ work will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the City’s current and future needs, with an emphasis on sustainability and resilience. The team will then review documentation, conduct analysis, and receive public input to assess the city’s housing and land use. In its final form, the update will address various measures meant to expand housing equity.

“Having worked on general plans for cities throughout California, we understand they are as much about a community’s values as land use,” said Harris CEO Steve Winchester. “Our team is excited to help the City of Victorville shape its future and its housing landscape in a way that advances equity and sustainability.”

“I’m deeply committed to the ongoing improvement and health of the Victorville community,” said Mosesman, adding that her familiarity and history with the area make her and her team at Harris ideally suited for the assignment.

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