Harris & Associates Selected to Lead the City of Walnut Creek in General Plan Update

Concord, CA – 

Harris & Associates is excited to announce a new contract to support the City of Walnut Creek in its recent General Plan Update, involving updates to both the Housing and Safety Elements.

Harris will help the City prepare a Housing Element Update that effectively meets all legal and state requirements for the Regional Housing Needs Assessment for the City. The team will oversee all aspects of quality control, project management, community engagement, and collaboration with officials and key stakeholders.

“Our team offers a streamlined process that considers a community’s unique qualities and challenges,” said Harris CEO Steve Winchester. “We’re excited to help City of Walnut Creek create a more equitable and sustainable housing landscape for its citizens.” 

Hitta Mosesman, Vice President of Community Development and Housing, will be the Principal-in-Charge, on this project and has more than a decade experience providing housing planning and financial services for municipal agencies and non-profits. Veronica Tam, one of California’s most respected housing experts, joins her on the team.

“Harris brings to the table a deep understanding of state regulations and the implementation strategies needed to achieve compliance,” said Mosesman. “On top of this, our team of experts is known throughout the state for their exceptional track record and wide ranging achievements.”

Harris will deliver a strong Housing Element Update and resulting CEQA documentation containing accounts of the City’s accomplishments and challenges, financial resources, housing constraints, affordable housing units at risk of converting to market rate, a RHNA analysis, and the goals, programs, and objectives to meeting fair housing requirements.

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Hitta Mosesman
Vice President / Community Development + Housing

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