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Alexa Ludke Alexa Ludke

With over eight years of experience in statistical and financial analysis, Alexa excels as an Analyst at Harris out of our Sacramento office. Her expertise includes municipal finance, with a focus on AB 1600 Annual Reporting, Development Impact Fee Nexus Studies, and Cost Certification.

Alexa's background includes extensive work in policy, legislative, and financial research, as well as data synthesis. Driven by a passion for community engagement, Alexa enjoys exploring new cuisines and connecting with people over shared culinary experiences. As a member of the Urban Land Institute, Sacramento, she remains dedicated to professional growth and community impact.

Alexa values Harris's commitment to innovation and its unique position at the intersection of public finance and public policy. She is dedicated to delivering impactful solutions that address the diverse needs of public-sector stakeholders.

Why Harris?

Harris and the MDF Team specifically represent a unique niche at the intersection of public finance and public policy that allows me to work with financial data in interesting ways, serve multiple public-sector clients with varied needs, and view the effects of public finance policy decisions from a new angle. Everyone on the MDF Team and at Harris makes me feel valued for my skills and interests and the growth-minded environment at Harris has allowed me to learn and develop so much in a short time.

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