An Update from Harris & Associates

Honoring Our Commitments to You, Our Employees, and Our Communities

UPDATED: March 20, 2020

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

First, I’d like to express that our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times. We are all part of a collective effort in the world to abate the COVID-19 virus—a rally cry that unites us all.

Second, we have taken important steps to ensure continuity of our services to you, all the while protecting our employees, clients, and communities. A holistic approach is called for, and that is what we are doing. As the situation evolves, we will continue to partner with you to help deliver essential infrastructure and keep your projects moving forward while keeping our collective teams, families, and communities safe.

A few key points to reinforce this message follow.

Given the extremely dynamic situation, including the recent news that California State Governor Gavin Newsome has issued orders for all residents to shelter in place to mitigate the spread of the virus, I am taking a moment to apprise you of actions we are taking.

We have been actively monitoring this situation via credible sources such as the CDC, WHO, and local public health agencies. Based on guidance from these reliable sources, Harris has implemented a company-wide COVID-19 Action Plan, comprised of numerous precautionary measures designed to help prevent the spread of the virus, protect our employees, and maintain our ability to serve our clients.

Some of the measures we are taking as part of our action plan include:

  • Following the CDC’s guidance on social distancing measures where feasible;
  • Allowing office-based employees who can effectively complete their work from home to do so via our secure network infrastructure;
  • Limiting non-project-based travel to the maximum extent practical;
  • Increased vigilance around cleaning and our sanitization efforts;
  • Keeping apprised of guidance you have provided to the consulting community;
  • Instructions on what do to if employees are feeling unwell or feel they have had close contact with exposure; and
  • Tracking and sharing opportunities to support our staff, clients, and communities issued by State and Federal governments.

Currently, we have no known, confirmed cases of COVID-19, and we are doing our absolute best to respond to the mandates being instituted by the government, and of course, the guidance of the medical community.

We will continue to work diligently to honor our commitments to you, to our employees, and to our communities.


Lisa V. Larrabee
Chief Executive Officer
Harris & Associates