2015 Pipe User's Group (PUG) Annual Seminar

California Engineering Services Public Finance Program + Construction Management Water Municipal

Discover innovative ways to take the bluff out of hard rock tunneling at our presentation at this year’s Northern California Pipe User’s Group Annual Seminar. Join our water expert, Vern Phillips, PE as he discusses Harris’ Southern California APWA award-winning project in his presentation titled, “Taking the Bluff Out of Hard Rock Tunneling: McCarrell Canyon Storm Water Diversion Project.” You’ll learn how the Harris & Associates team came up with a unique alternative using trenchless technology to improve not only the collection of storm water, but more importantly, channel it down the cliffs and out to the ocean.

About The Northern California Pipe User's Group (PUG)

PUG started as a group of System Owners, and Engineers sharing information and technologies.  Over the years the group has grown to over 50 member agencies, established non-profit status, offers field trips, courses, and the seminar in addition to the monthly meetings, and has opened the door to contractors, vendors, and suppliers.Harris has been a member and supporter of the Northern California Pipe User's Group (PUG). 

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Feb 19, 2015
8:00 AM
Berkeley, CA

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Vern Phillips, PE - Principal Engineer / Engineering Services