WTS Participates in Girls, Inc. Program

Harris Employee-Owner Lindsey Gregory Supports

California Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Participants from the San Leandro Girls, Inc. program Innovate
  • Lindsey Gregory listens to presentations from the 7th and 8th grade girls participating in Girls, inc. Innovate program

    San Leandro, CA -

    Girls, Inc. of San Leandro provides opportunities for 7th and 8th grade girls to learn about engineering as it relates to their community. Their program, Innovate, has girls research and develop plans to either build a community center or a green transportation plan.

    Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) was approached to find volunteers who were interested in giving their time to this great program. Harris Marketing Coordinator Lindsey Gregory recognized this was a great opportunity and immediately offered her services.

    The volunteers served as a panel of judges, actively listening to each presentation and providing constructive criticism on everything from presentation technique to the depth of the girls’ research – not an easy task considering each team presented with poise and had clearly devoted their time and heart to this extracurricular project. The girls stood up there with confidence and professionally presented their goals, revealing a depth of research that puts most college students to shame.

    The most impressive part, however, was not the research, nor was it the girls’ presentation skills. Lindsey was most impressed with the passion that each team had for their communities and their understanding of what their community needed to succeed. Their passion, guided by Girls, Inc. staff, will definitely help each girl achieve their future goals, and turn them into leaders of their future communities.

    About WTS, International

    Founded in 1977, WTS is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. Boasting more than 5,000 members--both women and men--WTS is helping women find opportunity and recognition in the transportation industry.  Through its professional activities, networking opportunities, and unparalleled access to industry and government leaders, WTS is turning the glass ceiling into a career portal.

    About Girls, Inc.

    Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, providing more than 138,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and real solutions to the unique issues girls face. Girls Inc. gives girls the right tools and support to succeed, including trained professionals who mentor and guide them in a safe, girls-only environment, peers who share their drive and aspirations, and research-based programming. At Girls Inc., girls learn to set and achieve goals, boldly confront challenges, resist peer pressure, see college as attainable, and explore nontraditional fields such as STEM. Informed by the experiences of girls and their families, Girls Inc. works with policymakers to advocate on key legislation and initiatives.

    About Harris

    Harris is a 100% employee-owned company focused on solving today's complex challenges in planning, construction and design. Our offices and project sites span the West Coast in California, Nevada and Washington with a staff of nearly 200 employee-owners. We focus on serving clients in the municipal, water, transportation, and education markets. www.WeAreHarris.com

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