Harris Welcomes Open Collaborative Workspace

Harris & Associates is excited to announce both a new Irvine office location at 22 Executive Park, Suite 200, and a brand new interior design.

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  • The new Harris Irvine office reception area
  • A collaborative area with a white board for brainstorming
  • View of the new kitchen area
  • Main conference room
  • View of the kitchen area
  • View of the open work environment
  • Main conference room

    Irvine, CA -

    The firm’s bold choice of design is atypical of most professional services firms in the architecture/engineering/construction industry: Harris opted for a collaborative open workspace design rather than a traditional configuration of private offices and cubicles. This means Irvine Harris staff members, regardless of management level, are seated all together in an open room with work stations void of solid walls. Even the kitchen embraces an open design, and is in plain sight of all employees with no doors or walls.

    Closed rooms do exist and include a conference room and a few smaller “quiet” rooms for when privacy is needed. This new open concept design represents a shift in Harris’ culture as the firm moves to an environment where stronger communication and teamwork are critical to the company's success.

    “We are excited about this bold move because it represents Harris’ commitment to evolve in ways that help our clients, communities, and employees,” said President and CEO Lisa Larrabee. “By taking down walls, both literally and figuratively, to collaboration, we hope to build a stronger team environment that inspires new ideas and stronger performance.”

    Harris turned to Gensler for the company's interior design services, specifically its prior experience in designing open office configurations. Through the design process, employees were educated on the benefits of an open office concept and then interviewed to make sure needs for space were met. As a result, the employees’ voices and concerns were heard, addressed and designed into the overall layout of the space.

    According to Gensler’s 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey, only one in four U.S. workers are in optimal workplace environments. The study also reported highest satisfaction levels among employees who are able to choose when and where to work, and employees who work for organizations with an equal balance of individual focus and collaborative work.

    Harris plans to eventually expand the open office concept to other area offices in California, Nevada and Washington.

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    Harris is a 100% employee-owned company focused on solving today's complex challenges in planning, construction and design. Our offices and project sites span the West Coast in California, Nevada and Washington with a staff of nearly 200 employee-owners. We focus on serving clients in the municipal, water, transportation, and education markets.

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