Utility Funding

Water utilities must weigh many variables for capital improvement funding: facility needs, infrastructure requirements, and a changing workforce, among others. Harris & Associates helps you understand all your options—and get all stakeholders on board.

Amid complex regulations, operations, and economics, utilities must examine their financial plans regularly with attention to all the moving parts. Count on Harris to help you keep track of priorities and stay on pace with changes.

Finding the Right Funding

Our team includes experts in water utility financing, water rates, impact fees, and the stormwater funding implications of SB 231. We work with water utilities to find the best funding sources for capital improvements, maintenance, and operations. We also help develop financial policies that enable successful, long-term service. We’re especially familiar with finding the right balance between encouraging water conservation and ensuring revenue stability in California’s unique environment.

Building Consensus Inside and Out

All stakeholders, including the board and ratepayers, need to know how water utilities will improve the state and efficiency of their systems going forward. Transparent, effective communication is our priority. Harris can aptly align the relevance of funding with residents’ and businesses’ concerns, including sustainability, resilience, and climate change. By spelling out benefits and costs early and often to all stakeholders, you can help gain their consensus for any changes—a critical factor when rate increases are on the table.


Related People

  • Revenue Requirements

    Revenue Requirements

    Harris has the experts to evaluate funding options and analyses to determine how much revenue you need for capital funding, operations and maintenance, rate-based revenues, and financial policies. We help devise rate design solutions to reduce financial uncertainty and ensure greater revenue stability.

  • Cost of Service Studies + Rate Design

    Cost of Service Studies + Rate Design

    Harris collaborates with agencies on strategies to determine cost drivers, assign responsibly for cost drivers, and allocate costs equitably and fairly. We guide you through the process of establishing design rates to meet utility and stakeholder goals relative to conservation, affordability, and ease of administration. Our team helps yours navigate the changing complexities of Prop 218 requirements for California utilities, as well as other state mandates and regulations.

  • Public Outreach

    Public Outreach

    Harris creates unique tactics for educating the public on rate increases to highlight the community benefits they can expect and mitigate rate shock. It is our mission to ultimately make ratepayers and stakeholders advocates instead of adversaries. Harris will work with you to facilitate stakeholder advisory committees, plan agendas, and manage media relations.