Municipal Funding

Building sustainable communities requires a mastery of the balance sheet—the expenses and potential revenues linked to infrastructure and service delivery projects. Harris & Associates helps municipalities navigate their financial options to make these projects a reality.

For many city and county leaders, the to-do list of major projects keeps growing while budgets steadily shrink—but progress doesn’t have to halt. Whether you’re repairing aging infrastructure or looking to expand services, the municipal finance professionals at Harris have the expertise to plan and execute strategies that appease stakeholders and align with community goals.

Prioritize, Plan, and Pay 

Do you need to pursue alternative funding? What is the community’s tolerance threshold for new fees? Are grants available for your projects? Harris answers these and other questions to provide the full picture of possibilities.

We provide consultation and execution services related to rates and fees, Special Districts, grants, loans, and emergency options such as Cal OES and FEMA. We also offer ongoing program support and administration to optimize your infrastructure investments.

One Firm

At Harris, our municipal finance professionals represent just one aspect of our multidisciplinary team. Our unique breadth of technical expertise spans every aspect and phase of your projects, such as planning, environmental permitting, civil engineering, project delivery, and construction management.


Related People

  • Development Impact Fees

    Development Impact Fees

    Harris helps communities develop the defensible nexus needed to collect fees from new development to pay for the related infrastructure and offset the impacts of growth. We work with all stakeholders—the developers, elected officials, and the community—to develop fee programs that meet all legal requirements and support community goals for economic growth. As testimony to the effectiveness of our collaborative approach, we have never had a fee challenged.

  • Capital Improvement Plans

    Capital Improvement Plans

    Developing long-range capital improvement plans requires an understanding of the infrastructure needed to serve the community and a clear path forward to funding. Often, this requires looking at alternative funding strategies and sources. We can help you determine if funds will be available when needed to “pay as you go” or if you need a more long-term strategy. We can also explore the options of grants or outside funding to reduce the overall project cost.

  • Cost Allocation Plans

    Cost Allocation Plans

    The first step in developing cost allocation plans: Identify the full costs associated with providing services and infrastructure projects. After identifying these costs, we help develop fee structures or cost reimbursement strategies to recover eligible costs, improve budget transparency, and comply with reporting requirements. 

  • Fiscal + Economic Analysis

    Fiscal + Economic Analysis

    As your strategic advisors, Harris helps you develop policies and procedures related to how your municipality leverages financial resources and options. We can help determine the right mix of development within your communities relative to service costs. We also clarify the fiscal and economic impact of projects—including future maintenance costs—to inform strategies that balance the cost of development with new revenue. This is especially important when considering the adoption of specific plans or annexations.

  • Tax Increment Funding

    Tax Increment Funding

    Harris helps agencies address community-wide projects with Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs). These broad-based, multi-faceted financing mechanisms can serve local agencies as a present-day proxy to redevelopment authorities to build infrastructure and enhance overall economic development. The strength of EIFDs is the tremendous range of allowable infrastructure projects and the greater lifespan of the results.