Tom West Joins Harris & Associates as Vice President to Lead Water Market

Los Angeles, CA – 

Demonstrating our deepening commitment and focus to the water industry, Harris & Associates is honored to welcome Tom West, Vice President, Water Market Leader to our team. Tom will develop, lead, and manage corporate initiatives and engagements with water agencies and municipal water departments seeking solutions to their ever-evolving water resource, water quality, communication, and management challenges.

Tom has advised more than 75 cities and special districts in California as well as clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. This includes helping local, State, and Federal agencies secure more than $100 million in grant funding for water supply, flood, and water improvement projects. Leading projects included the OneWater LA plan for Los Angeles, a $1 billion plus seawater desalination facility in California, and developing district-scale initiatives related to groundwater rights and urban water recycling.

“Tom has a proven track record of bringing complex projects to life, leading organizations towards smart financial choices and helping them secure resources needed to develop high-quality water resource projects,” said Steve Winchester, Harris Chief Operating Officer.

Tom comes to Harris & Associates with a multifaceted background of serving both the private and public sectors. Throughout his career, he has served as a business strategist, project manager, water quality and treatment specialist, and a planning and management consultant.  His expertise includes integrating water resource and management planning, water quality, stakeholder involvement, multi-agency partnerships, and financing.

“Tom brings a unique combination of leadership, engineering, and business skills to the table,” said Lisa Larrabee, Harris CEO. “With his background, we’re more equipped than ever to help our clients address water and utility management challenges head-on.”

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Harris is a 100% employee-owned company focused on helping communities solve today's complex challenges in planning, financing, environmental compliance, civil engineering, and construction management. Our offices and project sites span the West Coast in California and Washington with a staff of over 200 employee-owners. We focus on serving clients in the municipal, water, transportation, and education markets.

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Tom West, PE
Vice President / Water Market Leader

Steve Winchester
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer / Chief Development Officer / Division President / Engineering + Consulting

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