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Your municipality faces pressure on multiple fronts today. On one hand, budget constraints threaten to stop critical projects before they start. And complicated regulation and reporting requirements tax an already overburdened staff.

Enter Harris & Associates. Our public finance team knows how to help find additional funding, improve administrative efficiencies and increase revenues to help fund future projects. We also have extensive experience presenting to and educating the public during establishment proceedings.

Our customized public finance services cover three key areas:

A recognized authority on the statutory procedures and requirements for district formation, Harris & Associates works closely with you to determine the most cost-effective solutions for special financing districts, whether to form, reform or close-out. We offer expertise in:

  • Mello-Roos Community Facilities District formation proceedings (California)
  • Benefit nexus studies and balloting pursuant to Article XIIID of the California State Constitution (Proposition 218) (California)
  • Local Improvement Districts pursuant to NRS 271 (Nevada)
  • Continuing disclosure
  • Tax formulas for special tax districts
  • Reimbursement districts

With a tailored approach, we help you understand the risks involved and walk you through regulation and reporting requirements. Our administration services include the following types of assessments, taxes and fees:

  • 1911 Act and 1913/15 Act Bond Assessment Districts (California)
  • 1972 Act Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Districts (California)
  • 1982 Act Street and Storm Drain Maintenance Districts (California)
  • Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act (California)
  • Property Related Fees and Charges (California)
  • Local Improvement Districts (Nevada)
  • Continuing disclosure reports per SEC Rule 15c2-12
  • California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission annual reports

Harris & Associates helps communities identify the costs of infrastructure for new development and helps agencies develop fee programs to fund needed programs and services.

We understand the requirements of AB1600 and the impacts that Proposition 218 has on the adoption of property-related fees and charges. Our services include:

  • Development Impact Fees in compliance with AB1600 (California)
  • Utility User Fees (for sewer, stormwater and other services)
  • Standby charges and connection fees

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