Do more with less

Staff and funding are hard to come by these days; yet demand surges for expensive infrastructure improvements and a safe, clean, abundant water supply.

Harris & Associates understands the challenges you're up against—and we can help you make the most of your limited resources.

In one firm, you get industry-leading construction management and engineering services. Our experienced professionals assist agencies and districts with:

  • Upgrades, expansions and new construction for treatment plants, pipelines and stations
  • Analysis, master planning and rehabilitation for water distribution, sanitary sewers and storm conveyance methods
  • Financing options, including grants and low-interest loans, for capital improvement projects

A clear environmental leader

To keep your projects ahead of the curve, our teams are credentialed in the latest sustainable engineering and construction techniques. This includes trenchless technology expertise—which enables the rehabilitation of underground water and sewer lines without digging up the streets—and the use of recycled aggregate for backfill and asphalt from recycled tires during construction.

We're also at the forefront of sustainable stormwater and wastewater initiatives—like rain gardens, membrane filters and permeable pavement—for removing contaminants and transforming refuse into valuable assets.

Our experience working on the largest desalinization project in the U.S. readily transfers to other clients looking to improve the reliability of their water supply.

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Chief Development Officer

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