Making less equal more for administrators and students

With funds diminishing and pressure mounting for high-performing learning spaces, Harris & Associates keeps K-12 districts and community colleges ahead of the curve on capital improvement programs.

Well-versed in all facets of campus construction, expansion and modernization, our program and construction managers help you:

  • Leverage space and equipment resources to meet curriculum requirement
  • Minimize future impact to the General Fund with efficient operations, maintenance and life-cycle solutions
  • Represent you during every phase of a long-term, multi-site capital improvement program

At Harris & Associates, we immerse ourselves in your campus culture and tailor services to fit your goals and enhance learning environments. We also coordinate all the project logistics, so you can stay focused on your most important job: educating our next generation.

Smart ideas from sharp people

What do your students want from their campus experience? How can your institution stay competitive? How can you cost-effectively make your vision a reality?

Harris & Associates hires professionals trained from the best universities and credentialing programs to answer these questions. We invest in their ongoing development, so they know how to transform client challenges into innovative solutions—whether incorporating energy efficiency measures or finding ways to combine projects and save money.

Masters of political science

Harris has a successful history of managing groups of diverse decision-makers, including citizen's oversight, design and faculty stakeholder groups.

In each district, we quickly learn the dynamics at play and determine what's needed to sustain political and public momentum. And you can count on us to remain transparent with leadership, administration, constituents and end users.

Meet Chris Dunne
Vice President

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