2016 Floodplain Management Association Annual Conference

FMA presents an ongoing series of symposiums, conferences, and workshops addressing emerging issues of the day, such as:  floodplain modeling and mapping; land use strategies; local, state and federal policies, laws and regulations to reduce flood risk;  structural and non-structural flood control system design and operation; floodplain restoration and natural resource management; flood hazard mitigation, preparedness and emergency response; flood warning and forecasting; public education, outreach and involvement; and similar topics.

This year, Harris & Associates is the sponsor of the Wednesday breakfast. Harris' Director of Engineering Services and FMA Board Member, Alex Yescas, PE, CFM, ENV SP will be leading the technical session on Coastal Hazards and Mapping. Harris Director of Municipal Services and recent national APWA Young Leader Award Winner, Frank Lopez, PE, QSD, CFM will also be in attendance.

Be sure to visit with Alex and Frank at Wednesday's breakfast to learn how they help support local agencies in leveraging Prop 1 funding opportunities for watershed protection and restoration.

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Event Details

Sep 06, 2016 (through Sep 09)
7:30 AM
Hyatt Regency Sacramento, CA

For More Information

Alex Yescas, PE, CFM, ENV SP - Director / Engineering Services

800.827.4901, ext. 2523