Progress Continues on New Homes in Escondido

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  • 2014 Harris Habitat for Humanity Build, Escondido
  • 2014 Harris Habitat for Humanity Build in Escondido
  • Marketing Coordinator Hilary Goshert and Director of Marketing + Communications Lyn Hogan
  • Listening to beginning instructions for the Habitat for Humanity team build in Escondido

    Escondido, CA -

    On September 20, Harris & Associates, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, assisted with the construction of new homes in Escondido, a community located just outside of San Diego. There are 11 homes total being constructed in Escondido for families in need.

    The Escondido build site located on North Elm Street currently has four homes in various stages of construction. Each structure is a duplex and actually features two family units total. There is also a single-family home on the site as well.

    Fifteen Harris employee-owners and family members from our San Diego, Irvine and Concord office areas attended the build. Lori Holt Pfeiler, former Mayor of Escondido and Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity San Diego welcomed the builders and thanked them for their generosity.

    "When you have a home you can call your own, that’s when you can really take care of your family, and that’s what we’re doing here in Escondido." said Executive Director Pfeiler. "Harris bringing 15 people out here is going to make progress on these homes, so we will be able to finish. We appreciate Harris coming out and making a financial contribution."

    Harris employee-owners were the only volunteers on-site that day and performed various construction tasks, including installing siding on one of the homes, placing insulation on the exterior of another home, nailing additional plywood, and installing new windows.

    The Escondido team build is part of a partnership Harris launched with Habitat for Humanity in honor of the firm’s 40th Anniversary. For 40 years, Harris has been building stronger communities and helping achieve Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. They will be participating in three builds total, two in Martinez and Los Angeles in addition to the Escondido build. They will also be sponsoring the November 7, 2014 Framing the Future Breakfast in Menlo Park.

    To join our efforts in building stronger communities, please donate to our Habitat giving campaign. Check out the video from our Escondido team build.

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