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Put an Ally on Your Side: Hire a Program Manager

Large building programs are challenging due to their high stakes. Time and money are limited resources for programs that are deadline and budget driven – which is always the case in public sector construction, and typically applicable to the private sector as well. When quality control is added to these factors, the pressure increases exponentially to “get it right”.

Program Managers (PMs) provide you with an objective expert to look out for your best interests throughout all aspects of your program. From the outset, the PM can facilitate your program by creating an approach to address your most pressing needs. Serving as your trusted advisor, you can rely on the expertise of your PM, who has encountered complex building program issues before, and who can bring creative solutions to resolve whatever may arise.

Program Manager = Trusted Advisor

How do PMs help you come in on-budget? Unlike contractors, they don’t benefit from increases in project scope. PMs make it their priority to ensure money is spent in the most efficient way possible.

In addition to assuming fiscal responsibility, program managers build consensus among all parties and ensure people understand the many moving parts and what’s expected when. It takes a unique skill to catch curveballs while still assuring stakeholders and maintaining a high level of communication across teams. Good program managers do all these things at once with a singular concern for your results.

You can also rely on a PM for:

  • Project/program planning
  • Design management
  • Procurement
  • Construction phase oversight
  • Commissioning and close-out

If staying on budget and finishing projects on time while eliminating hassles is your ultimate goal, let a skilled program manager do the heavy lifting for you. A skilled program manager as your trusted advisor is your most important tool to achieve program success.


Allyson Gipson, Esq., Assoc. AIA

Attorney, gifted program manager, certified mediator, Allyson brings an elevated sense of interpersonal and negotiating skills to her work. Joining Harris to expand the firm's education market portfolio, she applies her nearly 30 years of experience in architecture, engineering and construction management to help clients reach their goals.

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