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Leading through collaboration

In 2010, Harris & Associates’ Board of Directors selected Lisa Larrabee as the new President and CEO. Like many other companies in and beyond our field, the economic recession hit hard. Fortunately, Harris had the foresight to recognize what was needed to weather the storm and come out strong on the other side.

Lisa led the firm in a new direction, transitioning Harris to a 100% employee-owned company in 2012—laying the foundation for a financially sound future. She also flattened the leadership structure to promote collaboration while prioritizing continuous professional development for all team members.

Lisa charts Harris’ course, directs its strategic plan and supervises the executive leadership team. But her role encompasses so much more: Lisa helms Harris as it leads the profession forward, unifying its diverse talent through a commitment toward its shared values, strategic offerings and locations that distinguish the firm.

A new way of doing business

She instills in each team member a sense of ownership, and her dynamic thinking—driving employee development, nontraditional leadership structures and market diversification—now brings Harris to clients and into communities in innovative ways.

Prior to joining Harris, Lisa spent more than two decades at a multidisciplinary consulting firm, eight of which as vice president and COO. She then served as senior vice president and division leader for environment and planning—a 500-person, $80 million division—after the company’s acquisition by a global professional services firm.

Leveraging her experience and her penchant for achieving goals within their proper contexts, Lisa brings a bold vision and acute action to Harris.

The results of Lisa’s leadership style speak for themselves: Under her stewardship, the firm has been restored to profitability, has a healthy balance sheet, and has been restructured for growth—as have the passion and the pride of the Harris team in helping clients improve their communities.

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Lisa Larrabee, CEO

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